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Pheromones are scents which all of us emit naturally. Scientists have shown that they are detected subconsciously and affect the way in which we react to each other socially and sexually. Many years ago scientists managed to isolate certain pheromones including those of most interest to men – Androstenol and Androstenone. Androstenol and Androstenone are the pheromones that have been shown to attract women.

Since 1700 scientists have been aware of the vomeronasal organ (“VNO”). Scientists initially thought that the VNO had no use and was simply an evolutionary relic. However, after a great deal of research they discovered that the VNO is the organ which recognizes and receives pheromones. Think of it as a sixth sense that subconsciously allows humans to receive and react to messages subconsciously. More information on the VNO and the “small” of pheromones can be found in our FAQ section under the heading “Can we smell pheromones?”

After many experiments it has been shown that human pheromones do have an effect on other people. Studies have shown that pheromones can effect a woman's ovulation cycle, meaning, that pheromones effect a woman’s readiness and interest in having sex. The study showed that when the underarm sweat of women in different menstrual phases is placed under the noses of female subjects, the length of these subjects' own cycles is significantly altered. This is why, as I’m sure you’ve heard, that women living in close proximity often have synchronised menstrual cycles even though initially they did not.

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